Hey! I'm Mitchell, a software developer and student at the University of Glasgow.

Currently a software developer at Backbeat Technologies and a student at the University of Glasgow studying Computing Science.

I’m passionate about innovation in machine learning, data science, and software development. I’m also skilled in web scraping, data collection and data preparation, for which I’ve won a Kaggle datasets competition.

I’ve also built a tool called netbrix.co, a simple web-app for visualising deep learning models in your browser.


Scraping prnt.sc

Web Scraping & Machine learning

A scraper designed to crawl through the image sharing site prnt.sc, using a CNN to classify images and OCR to extract text.

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YouTube & MBTI

YouTube & MBTI

Producing, publishing and analysing YouTube & MBTI Datasets on Kaggle

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Building a Battleships AI

Monte-Carlo Simulation & Probability

Using Monte-Carlo simulation to build an AI for battleships

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